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Car Detailing New Orleans is a premier car wash and detailing service company specializing in detailing all brands of automobiles, SUVs, and trucks. Our speciality is to meticulously clean all parts of your vehicle inside and out, polishing it carefully with emphasis on details to restore the vehicle to a pristine condition. Initially, the wheels and wheel wells are vigorously scrubbed because these are usually the dirtiest part of a vehicle. Grime and brake dust are removed using wheel cleaning products with specialized brushes. All suspension components, brake calipers, wheel rears, and around lug nuts are cleaned and treated.

Before polishing the exterior of the car, it is carefully washed to remove all grime and dirt. After the wheels have been thoroughly cleaned, the vehicle is washed using soft wash mitts and soft micro fiber towels for drying. A soft detailing brush is used to scrub plastic grills, window rubbers, and trim details. After a good sudsing, the vehicle is thoroughly rinsed with water.

After the washing is completed, the paintwork is clayed with a special automotive clay bar and lubricant. This product removes any bonded surface contaminants that the washing procedure has not removed. Clay baring enhances the polishing process and assures a top quality luxurious finish.

Light scratches disappear and polishing restores the luster of the paint. Because vehicles are subject to sun, and dirt, the exterior finishes may be damaged from these pollutants. Proper washing techniques is necessary for the wax to bond properly to the surface. Carnauba based paste waxes and and polymer sealants create an incredible shine. These waxing techniques give your exterior finish of your vehicle long lasting protection. In most instances, our technicians can restore your vehicles’s exterior paint to its original luster. You can read about auto detailing here as well.  Our goal is to make your paint look as new as possible without expensive repairs. Our polishing process is labor intensive and is the most time consuming of the detailing but is well worth the time and effort.

Our service assures that your vehicle’s interior will be as clean as possible, but without the use of scented cleaners. Our interior cleaning methods are allergy free and the interior will be spotless as well. We vacuum and shampoo carpeting, and clean the upholstery. Leather is treated with the appropriate protection conditioners. An interior detail includes cleaning the headlining as well. Trim is cleaned and polished using appropriate products to protect them from the sun. The interior glass is polished to give a pristine clear finish. We stand out from our competition because of our excellent service and affordable prices to preserve the longevity of your investment. There are several packages to choose from depending on your needs.